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League Home Page

League NameHPL Home Poker League 2
League ManagerJames C
LocationMelbourne, Vic
League StatisticsGo to League Statistics
Message from League ManagerHPL daily day,night and late night games is available now.Visit www.homepokerleague.com.au for more details.Tournament Leader Points (TLP) results please click above Go to League Statistics.Monthly Finals $2,000 cash & prizes for Top 8 players. Play 8 games to qualify for TAG TEAM Championship.Monthly Champion will compete Champion of Champions bracelet.Monthly TAG TEAM Champion will compete Champion of Champions Twin Trophy. 

Available Tournament Results
Tournament NameDate
June Finals07/04/2008
Caroline Springs 1206/30/2008
Melton SW 1106/29/2008
Melton SW 1006/29/2008
Melton SW 906/28/2008
Caroline Springs 1106/28/2008
Caroline Springs 1006/28/2008
Melton PB06/27/2008
Melton Sth 406/26/2008
Weribee 806/23/2008
Weribee 706/23/2008
Melton SW 806/22/2008
Caroline Springs 906/21/2008
Melton SW 706/20/2008
Melton SW 606/20/2008
Melton SW 506/18/2008
Melton SW 406/18/2008
Point Cook 206/18/2008
Weribee 606/17/2008
Weribee 506/17/2008
Weribee 406/16/2008
Weribee 306/16/2008
Weribee 206/16/2008
Melton SW 306/15/2008
Caroline Springs 806/15/2008
Caroline Springs 706/14/2008
Caroline Springs 606/14/2008
Caroline Springs 506/14/2008
Melton Sth 306/12/2008
Melton Sth 206/12/2008
Melton 206/11/2008
Caroline Springs 406/09/2008
Caroline Springs 306/09/2008
Caroline Springs 206/09/2008
Melton SW 206/08/2008
Melton SW 106/08/2008
WPT 106/07/2008
Point Cook 106/06/2008
Melton Sth 106/05/2008
Melton 106/04/2008
Caroline Springs 106/04/2008
Weribee 106/02/2008