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League Home Page

League NameKing Arthur's
League ManagerBecky Beaty  (mzbeaty99@hughes.net)
LocationOrange County, Virginia
League StatisticsGo to League Statistics
Message from League ManagerCongratulations to Trisha, our 2009-2010 Season Champion!

Luke and I will resume our monthly tournaments sometime in the early fall. At that time, we will continue to track points, though will not be holding any money toward a championship freeroll at the end of the season. Our approach to the new format is still in the works, and will be explained later. We will send out a text within two weeks of our next scheduled game.

Have a great summer, and come out to our LUAU on Sunday, September 5th at 6pm! Text or email us for more details. 

Available Tournament Results
Tournament NameDate
Season Four Championship07/16/2010
Season Four Game 906/19/2010
Season Four Game 804/24/2010
Season Four Game 703/27/2010
Season Four Game 611/28/2009
Season Four Game 510/24/2009
Season Four Game 409/26/2009
Season Four Game 308/29/2009
Season Four Game 207/25/2009
Season Four Game 105/30/2009
Season Three Championship05/02/2009
Season Three Game 1204/25/2009
Season Three Game 1103/28/2009
Season Three Game 1002/28/2009
Season Three Game 901/31/2009
Season Three Game 812/20/2008
Season Three Game 711/22/2008
Season Three Game 610/25/2008
Season Three Game 509/27/2008
Season Three Game 408/30/2008
Season Three Game 307/26/2008
Season Three Game 206/28/2008
Season Three Game 105/31/2008
Season Two Championship05/03/2008
Season Two Game 1204/26/2008
Season Two Game 1103/29/2008
Season Two Game 1002/23/2008
Season Two Game 901/26/2008
Season Two Game 812/29/2007
Season Two Game 711/24/2007
Season Two Game 610/27/2007
Season Two Game 509/29/2007
Season Two Game 408/25/2007
Season Two Game 307/28/2007
Season Two Game 206/30/2007
Season Two Game 105/19/2007
Season One Championship05/12/2007
Season One Game 1204/28/2007
Season One Game 1103/24/2007
Season One Game 1002/24/2007
Season One Game 901/27/2007
Season One Game 812/30/2006
Season One Game 710/28/2006
Season One Game 609/30/2006
Season One Game 508/26/2006
Season One Game 407/29/2006
Season One Game 306/24/2006
Season One Game 205/27/2006
Season One Game 104/29/2006