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League Home Page

League NamePCPL
League ManagerJordan Soyer  (Jordan@dakotaentertainment.com)
LocationSouth Dakota, South Dakota
League Statistics(Available with Deluxe version only)
Message from League Manager 

Available Tournament Results
Tournament NameDate
ThirstyDuck JNL 3-206/18/2006
ThirstyDuck JNL 3-106/18/2006
Alpine JNL 2-206/13/2006
Alpine JNL 2-106/13/2006
ThirstyDuck JNL11 2-106/11/2006
ThirstyDuck JNL 2-106/11/2006
Sportspage JNL 1-206/08/2006
Sportspage JNL 1-106/08/2006
Alpine JNL 1-206/06/2006
Alpine JL 1- 106/06/2006
Shenanigans MYL 5-105/31/2006
Alpine MYL 5-205/30/2006
Alpine MYL 5-105/30/2006
ThirstyDuck MYL 5-205/28/2006
ThirstyDuck MYL 5-105/28/2006
Sports Page MYL 4-205/27/2006
Sports Page MYL 4-105/27/2006
Sportpage MYL 4-205/25/2006
Sportspage MYL 4-105/25/2006
Shenannigans MYL 4-105/24/2006
Alpine MYL 4-205/23/2006
Alpine MYL 4-105/23/2006
Nickel Spot 3-205/22/2006
Nickel Spot 3-1 05/22/2006
Sports Page JNL 2-201/01/1999
Sports Page JNL 2-101/01/1999
Shenanigans JNL 2-201/01/1999
Shenanigans JNL 2-101/01/1999
Nickel Spot JNL 1-201/01/1999
Nickel Spot JNL 2-101/01/1999
Sports Page JNL 2-201/01/1999
Sports Page JNL 1-201/01/1999
Sports Page JNL 1-101/01/1999
Shenanigans JNL 1-201/01/1999
Shenanigans JNL 1-101/01/1999
Nickel Spot MYL 6-201/01/1999
Nickel Spot MYL 6-101/01/1999
Shenanigans MYL5-201/01/1999
Shenannigans MYL 4-201/01/1999