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Available Tournament Results
Tournament NameDate
Track's Thursday Night Week 1010/18/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 1010/17/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 1010/16/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 1010/15/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 910/11/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 910/10/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 910/10/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 910/08/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 810/05/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 810/03/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 810/02/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 810/01/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 709/27/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 709/26/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 709/25/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 709/24/2007
Tracks Thursday Night Week 609/20/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 609/19/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 609/18/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 609/17/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 509/13/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 509/12/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 509/11/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 509/10/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 409/06/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 409/05/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 409/04/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 308/30/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 308/29/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 308/28/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 308/27/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 208/23/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 208/22/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 208/21/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 208/20/2007
Track's Thursday Night Week 108/16/2007
Luxor Wednesday Night Week 108/15/2007
Track's Tuesday Night Week 108/14/2007
Luxor Monday Night Week 108/13/2007