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League Home Page

League NameLotta Poker Pro League
League ManagerBeejay  (beejay1@bigair.com.au)
LocationBrisbane, Qld
League StatisticsGo to League Statistics
Message from League ManagerHi guys, Welcome to Lotta Poker Pro League results page, be sure to keep an eye on your points progress in our league as there is a Trophy for all venue winners for each season. We will also have a regional winner for our First 3 month period of the competition. Good Luck all our Freinds, hope you enjoy our games, we appreciate all your support. Cheers All of you Beejay and Lotta. 

Available Tournament Results
Tournament NameDate
Morningside RSL Fri 11th Jan 201311/01/2013
LottaPoker Accumulator 7 3rd May 201305/03/2013
Lotta Poker Accumulator 6 26th April 201304/26/2013
LottaPoker Accumulator 19th April 201304/19/2013
LottaPoker Accumulator 4 12th April 201304/17/2013
LottaPoker Morningside RSL Fri 5th April 201304/05/2013
LottaPoker 22nd march 201303/22/2013
Morningise RSL 15th march 2013 Accumulator 103/15/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 8th March 201303/08/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 1st March 201303/01/2013
MorningsideRSL fri 22nd Feb 201302/22/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 15th Feb 201302/15/2013
Morningside Friday 8th of February 201302/08/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 1st Feb 201302/01/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 25th Jan 201301/25/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 18th Jan 201301/18/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 4th Jan 201301/04/2013
Morningside RSL Fri 21st Dec12/21/2012
Morningside RSL fri 14th Dec 201212/14/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 12th Oct 201212/10/2012
LottaPoker @ Morningside RSL fri 30th Nov 201211/30/2012
Morningisde RSL Fri 23rd Nov 2-01211/23/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 9th Nov 201211/07/2012
Morningisde RSL 26th Oct 201210/26/2012
Morningside RSL 19th oct 201210/19/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 5th Oct 201210/05/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 28th Sept 201209/28/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 21st Sept 201209/21/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 14th Sept 201209/14/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 7th sept 201209/07/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 31st Aug 201208/31/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 24th Aug 201208/24/2012
Morningside RSL fri Day 17th Aug 201208/17/2012
Morningside RSL Fri 10th Aug 201208/10/2012
Morningside RSL Fri Day 27th July07/27/2012
Morningside RSL Fri Day 19th July 2012 207/20/2012
Morningside RSL Fri Day 13th July 201207/13/2012
Morningisde RSL Fri 7th Dec 201207/12/2012
Morningside RSL Fri Day 6th July 201207/06/2012
Carina Bowls Fri 22nd June 201206/30/2012
Carina Bowls Fri 29th June 201206/29/2012
Carina Bowls Fri 15th June 201206/15/2012
carina bowls 8th june 201206/08/2012
Carina bowls 1st June 201206/01/2012
Carina Bowls Fri 25th May 201205/25/2012
Carina BowlsFri 18th may 201205/18/2012
Carina Bowls 11th May 201205/11/2012
Carina Fri Day 4th May 201205/04/2012
Carina bowls fri 27th April 201204/30/2012
Carina Bowls Fri 20th April 201204/23/2012
Carin Fri 13th april 201204/17/2012
Carina Fri 30th march 201204/02/2012
Carina Bowls Club 23rd march 201203/26/2012
Carina Bowls Club 16th March 201203/19/2012
Carina Bowls 9th March 201203/16/2012
Moningside RSL fri 3rd Aug 201203/08/2012
carina bowls 2nd march 201203/03/2012
Carina Bowls friday 24th feb 201202/29/2012
Carina Bowls Fri 17th Feb 201202/20/2012
Carina Bowls Club 10th Feb 201202/12/2012
Morningside RSL fri 2nd Nov 201202/11/2012
Carina Fri Day 3rd Feb 201202/04/2012
carina Friday 27th January 201201/29/2012
Carina Fri day 13th Jan 201201/24/2012
Carina Fri Day 20th Jan 201201/24/2012
Carina Fri 6th Jan 201201/09/2012