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Player# TourneysTotal BuyinAve. PayTotal PayProf./Loss %Ave. FinishPointsKills# 1st# 2nd# 3rd# 4th# 5th# 6th# 7th# 8th# 9th# 10th
Ed P220081016207101.5031100000000
Earl Z41000324129529.56061001010000
Ken F2800538107534.43030020000000
Kenny F1100107010709701001000000000
Peggy T1200755755277.52010100000000
Christy F4600180720205.75020012000000
Joe M3600133400-33.35.33010101000001
Duane W460040160-73.36.75010010010020
Steve R220065130-355.5000000110000
Ken S390000-10010010000000101
Charles L220000-10013000000000000
Peter F360000-1007.33010000011010
Bill R120000-1005000000100000
Carlos L390000-1007.33010000101001
Walt Z120000-1008000000000100
Ernie L120000-1008000000000100
Irv G110000-10014000000000000
Mike C120000-10011000000000000