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League Statistics

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League NameMCPT Season IV

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Player# TourneysTotal BuyinAve. PayTotal PayProf./Loss %Ave. FinishPointsKills# 1st# 2nd# 3rd# 4th# 5th# 6th# 7th# 8th# 9th# 10th
Jon Brittain31515452003.67041100000100
Dan Absolonson21013251505.5040100000010
Mica Lamb31582566.75.67001000010001
The Short21010201002.5031001000000
Britt Davis210815502.5000110000000
Kelly Gardner21051006.5010010000001
Billy Elliot21051004.5010010010000
Keef Dawg1500-1005010000100000
Kadi Absolonson21000-1007.5000000001100
Mo Owen1500-10011000000000000
Nancy Gardner21000-1006.5000001000010
Tara Prettyman21000-1009000000100000
Kevin Gardner1500-10012000000000000
David Betcsh1500-1005030000100000
Heather Major1500-1007000000001000
Mike Gardner31500-1008010001010000