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Player# TourneysTotal BuyinAve. PayTotal PayProf./Loss %Ave. FinishPointsKills# 1st# 2nd# 3rd# 4th# 5th# 6th# 7th# 8th# 9th# 10th
Rich Hansen12036036017001501000000000
Steve Slaten1201801808002400100000000
Ed Healy12060602003300010000000
Mike gallardo12000-1009000000000010
Franky Villanueva12000-1004200001000000
Jake Burton12000-10020000000000000
Kurt Schmid12000-1006000000010000
Mike Mccormick12000-10014000000000000
Pat Mcginnis12000-10015000000000000
Dan Zogman12000-10023000000000000
Tony Kuch12000-10021000000000000
Pat Casey12000-1007000000001000
Bill Anderson12000-1008000000000100
Joel Kriete12000-10016000000000000
Brandon Witt12000-10019000000000000
Elissa Varney12000-10012000000000000
Andy Young12000-10027000000000000
Brett Rosenmayer12000-10025000000000000
Todd Schmid12000-10029000000000000
George Nicolaou12000-10018000000000000
Amy Gallardo12000-10028000000000000
Josh Weidner12000-10013000000000000
Mike Kriete12000-10022000000000000
Joe Powles12000-10024000000000000
Chad Sass12000-10026000000000000
Phil Chisamore12000-10011000000000000
Ed Hening12000-10010000000000001
Mary Jo Zogman12000-1005100000100000
Starla Kealey12000-10017000000000000
Steve White12000-10030000000000000