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League Statistics

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League NameLori's NL Tourneys

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Player# TourneysTotal BuyinAve. PayTotal PayProf./Loss %Ave. FinishPointsKills# 1st# 2nd# 3rd# 4th# 5th# 6th# 7th# 8th# 9th# 10th
Lori G28169090251648.93.186209524412100
Jordan D19100079150750.73.583406114322000
Steve R241280511212-5.33.632903364521000
Sara Beth H1483053735-11.44.291802221230200
Chris K5350144720105.73.21101200110000
Mike A1678044700-10.34.381902230332100
Jerry S10570636259.64.31602202011200
Janet M745064446-0.94.14801030021000
Curt N1487023324-62.84.93500122423000
Scott I735046320-8.63.571001121101000
Keith T630045270-105500120010200
Ken I420060240203.75400111010000
Sean S1502002003001501000000000
Lisa B430046185-38.33.25400112000000
Nancy G1601681681802300100000000
Peter A1301441443802300100000000
Scott M1301441443802300100000000
Wayne E426034135-48.15.75300100011100
Jay A21504896-365.5100010000100
Curt F31103090-18.23.67100012000000
David M21403570-504.5100010010000
Steve C311000-1005.67000001011000
Traygen B19000-1006000000010000
Lori B13000-1005000000100000
David P211000-1007.5000000001100
Charles M110000-1006000000010000
Darryl I15000-1005000000100000
Ely R211000-1006000001000100
Evan S15000-1002300100000000
Michael K29000-1005.5000001001000
Todd K19000-1004000001000000