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Tournament Results

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Tournament Name 2nd 6 weeks week 6 game 1
# of Players35

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
K Pham130.005000 
J Rawls220.004001J Rawls 
O Perez30.003001O Perez 
B Petersen40.002501B Petersen 
T Briseno50.002401T Briseno 
J Hines60.002201J Hines 
TJ Brown70.002001TJ Brown 
J Samora80.001801J Samora 
G Leclair90.001601G Leclair 
J Jones100.001401J Jones 
J Lecroy110.00701J Lecroy 
M Balios120.00701M Balios 
K Gonzales130.00701K Gonzales 
L Menard140.00701L Menard 
C Wennik150.00701C Wennik 
C Aguinaga160.00701C Aguinaga 
J McFerrin170.00701J McFerrin 
J Myrick180.00701J Myrick 
K Lacey190.00701K Lacey 
W Delao200.00701W Delao 
K Bearden210.00301K Bearden 
T Seago220.00301T Seago 
B Rawls230.00301B Rawls 
SV Patel240.00301SV Patel 
L Rodriguez250.00301L Rodriguez 
L Hudgins260.00301L Hudgins 
S Brown270.00301S Brown 
P Moore280.00301P Moore 
J Tompson290.00301J Tompson 
V Brown300.00301V Brown 
J Mullholand310.00201J Mullholand 
T Floyd320.00201T Floyd 
V Wennik330.00201V Wennik 
J Custer340.00201J Custer 
C Shubert350.00201C Shubert