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Tournament Results

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Tournament Name2 - May 8th
# of Players36

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Allan Bullock10.006207 
Bonnie Haroldson20.003902 
Rolando Garcia30.004004 
Merle Hodgkinson40.003302 
Stewart Thompson50.003002 
Stephanie Wheeler (sweet feet)60.002501 
Malcolm Knowles70.003804 
Colin Campbell80.002102 
Brian Healey90.002204 
Bill Cowan100.001752 
Al Letendre110.001300 
Dale Maa120.001451 
Ted Mageau130.001200 
Larry Cherkawski140.001150 
Charles Wheeler150.001301 
Sharon Healey170.001251 
Andy Lavallee180.001201 
Doreen Haaf190.00950 
Susan Marshall200.00900 
Rob Doig210.001051 
Barrie Baskerville220.00800 
Chris Ross230.00951 
Mona Michalycia240.00700 
Maurice Maa250.00650 
Trevor Crowell260.00600 
Randy Richardson270.00550 
Charlene Andrews280.00500 
Dick Jansen290.00450 
Garth Bunten300.00400 
Mike Michalycia310.00350 
Andy Mcdonald320.00300 
Jim Drummond330.00250 
Darryl (Insta call)340.00200 
Andrew Hood350.00150 
Wes Michalycia360.00100 
Warren Enstrom370.0050