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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameS05E08_6Max
# of Players26

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Trina "Flipper" Perez1600.00557 
Fred "The Dean" Rabinowitz2390.00450Trina "Flipper" Perez 
Kevin Nasseri3270.00356Trina "Flipper" Perez 
Matt Gragg4190.00301Trina "Flipper" Perez 
Edward "The Socks" Locke5150.00252Kevin Nasseri 
Tom Ogaz60.00200Kevin Nasseri 
John Frederick70.00171Kevin Nasseri 
Tom "Hawk" Elliott80.00140Trina "Flipper" Perez 
Tim "Stiffler" Smith90.00120John Frederick 
Jay "World Bird" Johnson100.00100Kevin Nasseri 
Antonio "Short Stack" Meza110.0052Trina "Flipper" Perez 
Mike Passero120.0051Kevin Nasseri 
Marcee Topp130.0051Antonio "Short Stack" Meza 
George "Eaglesporn" Watson140.0051Antonio "Short Stack" Meza 
Pete "Not Dan" Marino150.0051Edward "The Socks" Locke 
Mike "Primo" Avila160.0051Trina "Flipper" Perez 
Krista Dixon170.0050Marcee Topp 
Jake "From State Farm" Beck180.0051Kevin Nasseri 
Joe "Big Joe" Sanchez190.0050Edward "The Socks" Locke 
Jeff "The Sheriff" Smith200.0050Trina "Flipper" Perez 
John "Elvis" Lane210.0050Mike "Primo" Avila 
Kevin "MorMadness" Morse220.0050Matt Gragg 
Kevin Danko230.0050Mike Passero 
Chris "Black Cat" Ford240.0050Pete "Not Dan" Marino 
Robert Tapping250.0050Jake "From State Farm" Beck 
Diamond "Dave" Fredborg260.0050George "Eaglesporn" Watson