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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameGame 12 Season 2 Your Place
# of Players51

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Lindy Baxter150.00160 
Danny Powers220.00150 
Keith Brown-310.00140 
Bobby Nakka40.00130 
Matt Brennan50.00120 
Cain Keo60.00110 
Ed Novic70.00100 
Jess Vasquez80.0090 
Don Spangler90.0080 
Anson Bell100.0070 
Brian Neves110.0060 
Tom Barrett120.0050 
Adam Kravitz130.0040 
Debbie Fuller140.0030 
Penny Holcomb150.0020 
Debbie Mitchell160.0010 
Dan Purcell170.0000 
Zahara Niblet180.0000 
Eric Brown190.0000 
Brian Pitts200.0000 
Chef Mclean210.0000 
Scott Wolfe220.0000 
Michael Vaughn230.0000 
Brent Price240.0000 
Will Santiago250.0000 
Eric Choo260.0000 
Todd Stone270.0000 
Jason Tucker280.0000 
Carolyn Carney290.0000 
Ronnell White300.0000 
Jim Keen310.0000 
Charles Voight320.0000 
T. Moore330.0000 
Robyn Wiener340.0000 
Cito Sanchez350.0000 
John Taylor360.0000 
Leron Tune370.0000 
Kreron Tull380.0000 
Steve Powell390.0000 
Paul Robinson400.0000 
Mike Compton410.0000 
Gary Comfort420.0000 
Shonta Mills430.0000 
Jermykeal Mccoy430.0000 
Tim Phillips440.0000 
Da'quon Stith440.0000 
Lonnie Provo450.0000 
Jon Reinmuth460.0000 
Josh Fritz460.0000 
Jay Ramon470.0000 
Troy Sandiford480.0000