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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameSeason 2 Game 20 Midway
# of Players69

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Stewie Ferguson150.00160 
Brandon Mcpherson220.00150 
Todd Hawk310.00140 
Robert Smith40.00130 
Nicole Freed50.00120 
Dave Headden60.00110 
Doug Clements70.00100 
Adam Kravitz80.0090 
Jim Greeley90.0080 
Bradley Stuller100.0070 
Brian Weaver110.0060 
PD Capers120.0050 
Willie Forrest130.0040 
CJ Muhammad140.0030 
Ida Wesley150.0020 
Don Chapman160.0010 
Darryl Standberry170.0000 
T Moore180.0000 
Romaine Coles190.0000 
Richard Heintze200.0000 
Tim Butler210.0000 
Michael Canty220.0000 
Jason Jaz230.0000 
Cain Keo240.0000 
Jackie Bowles250.0000 
Steven Daniel260.0000 
Debbie Fuller270.0000 
Zach Napier280.0000 
Jimmy Yung290.0000 
Chris Chini300.0000 
Thomas Hock310.0000 
Lorenzo Archer320.0000 
Wigue Saintha330.0000 
Sharon Holt340.0000 
Jon Reinmuth350.0000 
Wayne Faust360.0000 
Tony Ocasio370.0000 
Troy Sandiford380.0000 
Wayne Lovett390.0000 
robert orfield400.0000 
Ginny Stephens410.0000 
Matt Tatum420.0000 
Zachary Bradley430.0000 
Consuela Scott440.0000 
Tom Gregory450.0000 
Brenda Bruce460.0000 
Damien Trent470.0000 
Jim Bean480.0000 
chynna hobson490.0000 
Jason Elswick500.0000 
Ryan Amos510.0000 
Omeil Brown520.0000 
Paul Drudge530.0000 
Jay Ramon540.0000 
Jan Gilmore550.0000 
Cito Sanchez560.0000 
Ronnell White570.0000 
Andrew Humphrey580.0000 
Tim Phillips590.0000 
Honna Flores590.0000 
Chef Mclean600.0000 
Charles Perkins600.0000 
Eric Choo600.0000 
Ed Novic610.0000 
Bobby Nakka610.0000 
Charles Coates620.0000 
Matt Duff620.0000 
Mike Lee630.0000 
Chaz Young630.0000