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Tournament Results

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Tournament Name18-0616
# of Players18

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Carey, Mike 'MNCJR1'0755.00273 
Preddy, Greg 'Purple Rain'0755.00273 
Stacy, David 'LuckyDog'3280.00243Preddy, Greg 'Purple Rain' 
Doc4230.00223Stacy, David 'LuckyDog' 
Redmond, Richard5180.00202Doc 
Newsome, Eddie6100.00180Redmond, Richard 
Merryman, Alan70.00160Carey, Mike 'MNCJR1' 
Shiflett, Jimmie80.00141Preddy, Greg 'Purple Rain' 
Tankersley, Manuel90.00120Carey, Mike 'MNCJR1' 
Usher, John100.00100Preddy, Greg 'Purple Rain' 
Stokes, Steve110.0080Stacy, David 'LuckyDog' 
Altman, Ed120.0071Doc 
Beasley, Tricia 'Trish'130.0060Redmond, Richard 
Osborne, Johnny 'Johnny O'140.0050Stacy, David 'LuckyDog' 
Kressler, Jim 'Gumby'150.0040Carey, Mike 'MNCJR1' 
Harrington, Tim160.0030Altman, Ed 
Fry, Jim170.0020Doc 
Porter, Ben180.0010Shiflett, Jimmie