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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameT.H.E. Katt's Poker Club event #6
# of Players52

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Mike K1800.001008 
Jason W2510.00901 
Jim E3300.00854 
Noel C4140.00827 
Paul F580.00792 
Blair N6160.00764 
Mike Co760.00732 
zTrevor S860.00702 
Eban K990.00673 
Danny P100.00642 
Jerry U110.00611 
zDanny D120.00581 
George W130.00551 
zJared B140.00520 
Rick C150.00490 
Jeremy A160.00461 
zMark K170.00443 
Mimi K180.00422 
Lee A190.00400 
April P200.00381 
Jim P210.0000 
Kristin E220.0000 
Gail F230.00321 
zJerry C2415.00301 
Doug D250.0001 
Ralf W260.0000 
Larry D270.00260 
zJaylene P280.00250 
zRuel M290.00240 
Chad G300.00230 
Tex E320.0000 
zRey T330.00200 
zDave An340.00190 
zRick M350.00180 
zBrian L360.00170 
Arleen V370.0000 
Derek D380.0000 
zMenry C390.00140 
zJason P400.00130 
zNick D410.00120 
Steve L420.00110 
Mike L4315.00100 
Ed P440.0000 
Ed C450.0000 
zChris H460.0070 
zAaron B470.0061 
Chris T480.0051 
Sean P490.0000 
Ted K500.0000 
Adam N510.0020 
zChris F520.0010