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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameHeads Up
# of Players32

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Victor Frye10.0000 
Brandon Beitler20.0000 
Amanda Hess30.0000 
Steve Roth40.0000 
Nick Cacciatore50.0000 
Mike McNair60.0000 
Jack Geist70.0000 
Chris Moser80.0000 
Ralph Lehr90.0000 
Edwin Vega90.0000 
Dave Lehmann100.0000 
Roxanne Torrence110.0000 
Mike Sacco130.0000 
Bruce Carl140.0000 
Ryan Beitler150.0000 
Dave Stauffer160.0001Dave Stauffer 
Josh Berk160.0000 
Jorge Rodriguez170.0000 
Mike Jacobson, Sr.180.0000 
Josh Cassium190.0000 
Matt Kresley200.0000 
Matt Walter210.0000 
Josh Houck220.0000 
Joey Perkins230.0000 
General A.240.0000 
Etta Roth250.0000 
Edwin Nieves260.0000 
Christian Griswold270.0000 
Robert Boyle280.0000 
Tara Rohrbach290.0000 
Todd Shaefer300.0000