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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameHeads Up 6/21/08
# of Players22

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Anthony Bonthorne10.0004 
Todd Shafer20.0003Anthony Bonthorne 
Mike Jacobson, Sr.30.0002Todd Shafer 
Ryan Miller40.0003Anthony Bonthorne 
Peter Sawin50.0002Ryan Miller 
Lorraine Miller60.0001Anthony Bonthorne 
Jeanine Roth70.0001Todd Shafer 
Joe Caparell80.0001Ryan Miller 
Rich Heller90.0001Peter Sawin 
Kristin Milano100.0001Mike Jacobson, Sr. 
Dave Stauffer110.0001Lorraine Miller 
Paul Magargal120.0000Anthony Bonthorne 
Kevin Rosenberger130.0000Todd Shafer 
Lenny Seng140.0000Ryan Miller 
Bruce Carl150.0001Bruce Carl 
Ralph Lehr160.0000Joe Caparell 
Tony Abbatte170.0000Peter Sawin 
Chad Shafer180.0000Kristin Milano 
Etta Roth190.0000Dave Stauffer 
Andy Dear200.0000Jeanine Roth 
Louise Louguet210.0000Rich Heller 
Ryan Beitler220.0000Mike Jacobson, Sr.