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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameHPL Finals
# of Players48

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
aces alex g 0009728210.001000 
kiriana n20.00900 
neville w 0009736030.00800 
taicodi w 0009726940.00700 
joseph k 0009728550.00600 
jermaine w 0009729960.00500 
johnatten t 0009727070.00400 
david d 0009725080.00300 
chris d90.00200 
mark h 00097264100.00200 
richard a 00097271110.00200 
cyrus m 00097259120.00200 
charlie s 00097265130.00200 
ben mac 00097343140.00200 
danny s 00097369150.00200 
laurie h 00097255160.00200 
zlate l 00097276170.00100 
kumar m 00097272180.00100 
john l190.00100 
will m 00097327200.00100 
michael a 00097277210.00100 
paul b 00097287220.00100 
seva p 00097325230.00100 
wendy c 00097339240.00100 
john hill250.00100 
john loc260.00100 
francisco v 00097258270.00100 
gareth sla (R)280.00100 
troy ser (R)290.00100 
ugur ze (R)300.00100 
james m 00097262310.00100 
joey g 00097281320.00100 
graham b 00097251330.00100 
teagan r340.00100 
trish b 00097289350.00100 
colin d 00097352360.00100 
andrew o 00097256370.00100 
aaron r 00097266380.00100 
bree h 00097268390.00100 
bevan n 00097374400.00100 
kim o420.00100 
lory t 00097326430.00100 
roxine k 00097284450.00100 
shaun m 00097288460.00100 
vieanna w 00097297470.00100 
paul r 00097278480.00100