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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameSeptember 9, 2008 Dunwoody T.O.C. III Week 7
# of Players27

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
James Jordan220.005002Tempts 
Kyle Hagar30.004502James Jordan 
Nathan Kim40.004002Kyle Hagar 
Clint Cartledge50.003500Kyle Hagar 
Chris May60.003002Tempts 
William Buckmaster70.002502Tempts 
Ashley Donahoo80.002001Tempts 
Steve Brick90.001500Tempts 
Suzanne M.100.001001Tempts 
Adam Cohen110.0001 
Michael Burton120.0001 
Bob Brick130.0000 
Ryan Furce140.0000Chris May 
Mark Griffin150.0000 
Rich Dolder160.0000Adam Cohen 
Keryn Key170.0000James Jordan 
Miller Jopling180.0000 
James Branch190.0001Tempts 
Catharine Ariel200.0000Chris May 
Curtis Fay210.0000 
Robert Cook220.0000 
John W230.0002 
Brandt Short230.0000Suzanne M. 
John Shallllcross240.0001 
Jerry Gilmartin250.0000 
Josh Rocqumore260.0000