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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameRegional - Spectators
# of Players68

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Richard Ritter10.0000 
Kevin Groff20.0000 
Joey Perkins30.0000 
Allysa Reed40.0000 
Marc Mitchell50.0000 
Derrick Stupak60.0000 
Tyler Nemyth70.0000 
Eric Walter80.0000 
Heather Llewellyn90.0000 
Ralph Lehr100.0000 
Brad Jacobson110.0000 
Jason Long120.0000 
Randy Shafer130.0000 
Billy Reimert140.0000 
Steve Roth150.0000 
Etta Roth160.0000 
Matt Haedrich170.0000 
Roxanne Torrence180.0000 
Jen Scott190.0000 
Kyle Hoffman200.0000 
Jon Steffon210.0000 
Rich Wertman220.0000 
Tony Abbatte230.0000 
Chris Swank240.0000 
Jeff Walter250.0000 
Mike Kiss260.0000 
Chuck Gardner270.0000 
Pete Herrmann280.0000 
Mike Moran290.0000 
Dave Wampole300.0000 
Angie Compton310.0000 
Linda Driesbach320.0000 
Arthur Mitchell330.0000 
Mike McNair340.0000 
Chris Forbes350.0000 
Ray Bazylak360.0000 
Mike Jacobson, Sr.370.0000 
Chris Mull380.0000 
Alex Brandecker390.0000 
Ted Billman400.0000 
Jeff Vokes410.0000 
Rus Rohrbach420.0000 
Dawn D'Andria430.0000 
Erik Lentz440.0000 
Jeanine Roth450.0000 
Debbie Heeps460.0000 
Josh Winder470.0000 
Willie Colon480.0000 
Paul Theisen490.0000 
Cliff Erbs500.0000 
Lenny Seng510.0000 
Ed MacQueen520.0000 
Verron Taylor530.0000 
Chad Shafer540.0000 
Lorraine Miller550.0000 
Anthony Bonthorne560.0000 
Peter Sawin570.0000 
Billy Snyder580.0000 
Kurt Rice590.0000 
Drake Chan600.0000 
Dave Stauffer610.0000 
Jeff Jackson620.0000 
Joel Demeter630.0000 
Gary R. Hess640.0000 
Amanda Compton650.0000 
Alisha Moye660.0000 
EJ Hickson670.0000 
Kristin Milano680.0000