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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameJune 29, 2009 T.O.C. VI Week 5
# of Players51

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Sam Folkman00.0000 
Paul Robb00.0007 
Drew M00.0000 
Chris J00.0000 
Matt R00.0000 
Michael Beasley00.0000 
Damen Jenkins00.0000 
Lee Camp90.001503 
Johnny Tan90.001500 
Kris Sokolowski100.001004 
Denis Arra100.001002 
Jonathan Burgess110.0003Lee Camp 
Robert Cook110.0001 
Billy M110.0005Lee Camp 
K N110.0001 
Jay Kalonji120.0000 
Todd Kelley120.0004Lee Camp 
John Dowhy130.0001 
Julie McCauley130.0003 
Asher C150.0001 
Dawn Oldham160.0001 
Khalid Mills170.0001 
Scott Nelson180.0000 
Johnny Fontenot190.0000 
David Stewart200.0003 
Chris May210.0000 
Don Archie220.0000 
Clint Cartledge230.0000 
Keith Williams240.0001 
Kristina Straple250.0000 
Wilson C260.0000 
Rebecca C270.0000Khalid Mills 
Suzanne M.280.0000 
Roger A. Babb290.0000 
Robbie Whetstone300.0000 
Jeff Setlock310.0000 
Percy Johnson320.0000 
Craig Taylor330.0000Jonathan Burgess 
Peter Dekeles340.0000 
Corey Lanier350.0000 
Niles Paden360.0000Robert Cook 
Alex Wilkinson370.0000Jonathan Burgess 
Donnie Ruhl380.0000 
Wade Gibson390.0000 
The Doyle400.0000 
Mark Griffin410.0000 
Bryan Groves420.0000Jonathan Burgess 
Shira Najmaister420.0000 
Brandon Neurohr430.0000