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Tournament Results

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Tournament Name30 November 2010 - Weekly
# of Players32

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Pieter vd M12,300.00320 
Pine P21,500.00310 
Paul M3900.00300 
Johan G40.00290 
Coenie F50.00280 
Brennan S60.00270 
John D70.00260 
Mario F80.00250 
Angelo S90.00240 
Pete L100.00230 
Tristan S110.00220 
Barry V120.00210 
Paul G130.00200 
Shericka B140.00190 
Lise G150.00180 
Grant E160.00170 
Gary K180.00150 
Stuart M190.00140 
Richard B200.00130 
Kobus V210.00120 
Cecil H220.00110 
Darren S230.00100 
Michael J240.0090 
Matthew C250.0080 
Werner A260.0070 
Jason N270.0060 
Nico V280.0050 
Pierre W290.0040 
Manie V300.0030 
Rocco S310.0020 
Alan W320.0010