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Tournament Results

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Tournament Namepoker club 2011 game 1
# of Players41

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
John Barnes10.002000 
James Fink20.001820 
Rob Ricketts30.001770 
John Foller Jr40.001720 
Carl Scolfield50.001670 
Woody Smith60.001620 
Ron Davis70.001570 
Lee Miller80.001520 
Jeff Harding90.001470 
Doug Davison100.001420 
Doug Gensler110.001270 
Jeff Muller120.001230 
Richie Wilson130.001190 
Denny Shafer140.001150 
Greg Lane150.001110 
Scott Elwood160.001070 
Bill Cole170.001030 
Roger Horst180.00990 
Ernie Williams190.00950 
Brian Seipler200.00910 
Chris Centineo210.00870 
Danny Kimmel220.00840 
Chuck Edwards230.00810 
Dave Flander240.00780 
Vic McCoy250.00750 
Dave Blackman260.00720 
Bud William270.00690 
Brent Taylor280.00660 
Dick Spicer290.00630 
John Caval300.00600 
Sheri Barnes310.00570 
Randy Reese320.00550 
Brian Mooney330.00530 
Jason Melvin340.00510 
Bobby Kennedy350.00490 
Wayne Whisman360.00470 
Gabriel Ado370.00450 
Adam Landis380.00430 
Gene Hoffman390.00410 
Jeff Cristchfield400.00390 
Larry Ecton410.00370