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1. Basics
2. Buyin/Rebuys
3. Chips
4. Blinds Structure
5. Payouts
6. Rules/Messages
7. Get Supplies
8. Setup Tables
9. Run the Tourney!
10. Share Results

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Step 1 of 10:  Basics

# of Players

The first key question you need to answer when planning yout tournament is how many players will you have?  This sets the stage for determining where you can host your tournament and what kind of supplies you will need.  When using Poker Tournament Manager Deluxe, you enter the expected number of players in the setup wizard.  This will be used to recommend a blind structure, estimate payouts, and determine the supplies you'll need later.

Determine Location

Based largely on the number of players you exect to have, you next need to determine the location.  Normally you can put about 8 people to a typical round poker table, so that's helps to decide how big of a room you need.

Decide on the Type of Tournament

The next question is Determine the basic type of tournament you want to have.  The most popular kind of tournament is Texas Hold'em No Limit with a small and big blind.  That is the type of tournament I almost always use and the rest of this guide will be based on that structure.

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