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4. Blinds Structure
5. Payouts
6. Rules/Messages
7. Get Supplies
8. Setup Tables
9. Run the Tourney!
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Step 5 of 10: Determine Payouts

I always try to payout 3 for the first 10 players, and then one more or so for each 10 players after that. So the top 4 get paid for a 20 person, top 5 for a 30 person, and so on. The amounts can vary widely, but normally you have the 1st place person get the majority, and the lowest place finisher.

When using Poker Tournament Manager Deluxe, the tournament setup wizard will ask you for either % based payouts, fixed payouts, or non-cash prizes.  It will also estimate the payouts for % based using the estimated number of players you specified.  You can also assign points as part of the payout.  Points are typically used in leagues where players accumulate points over multiple tournaments.

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