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8. Setup Tables
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Step 3 of 10: Chips Setup

I typically use 5 total chip colors with the following values:

  • White - $25
  • Red - $50
  • Blue - $100
  • Black - $500
  • Green - $1,000

I use the Poker Tournament Manager Deluxe chip calculator to determine how many chips of each color I need based on the number of players and the buyin chip value.  One thing to consider is that you don't want the players to have to few chips because people will tend to go "all-in" faster...so it is better to setup your chip distribution so that each player has 20 or more total chips when possible.

I always count out the chips prior to the tournament so that when players arrive and I check them in their initial buyin is ready to go.  This greatly speeds up getting your tournament started.

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